6 thoughts on “Earl Grey’s Irish Famine Orphans (3): Organization cont.

  1. Rob,
    The list of Unions for the Rom.Emp. should be on the http://www.irishfaminememorial.org website … from Barefoot p.397
    Lots came from elsewhere in the ‘North’.
    I believe if one scrolls to the bottom of each post there is an arrow linking to other posts and by clicking on my
    avatar(?) / pic you are taken to some more info. Can you tell me if both these work? Ta–am still very much the innocent abroad.
    I see there are a number of typos in post 3 i should correct sometime.ah well such is life…which reminds me Barrie Dowdall did a great film on Ned Kelly.
    best wishes


    • Rob,
      I see the info about the unions is not on the website. But i did upload the info I’d found about young women from Larne and Castlederg whilst at PRONI in 2008. The basis of the website database is my Barefoot Register.There’s a long list of the Unions involved in the Roman Emperor in Barefoot 2, p.397 –from Clogher and Carrickmacross to Newry, Magherafelt, Belfast, Londonderry, and Ballycastle et al. Hope that helps


      • Hi,I shall look up Barefoot 2 ,Some of the ones you listed I see are in Barefoot 1.
        I did find an Address for Mary Murray’s father Charles Murray,Leather cutter,living at 66 Union st Belfast in the 1843 Trade Directory. I see Mary was R.C.,I was under the impression that the girls on “Roman Emperor” were all Protestant.I guess you can’t always believe what you read in the papers!! Some people have said that the girls were all children of farmers,that’s not true either. I shall keep you informed.


  2. Very Good read.So it is possible that girls who came out on the “Roman Emperor” in 1848 from the Belfast Workhouse were not necessarily from the Belfast area?


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