Earl Grey Irish Famine Orphans (14): Some pics Mary Ryan and Grannie Bushell

Some more pics

Just a few more photographs to keep this thing bubbling along. As before, my thanks go to the descendants of the orphans who sent me their photographs to use.

Let me begin with a couple I’ll call ‘From here to there’. The first one I took in 1980; it’s not from the middle of the 19th century, I should add!

Derelict farmhouse East Clare (1980)

Derelict farmhouse East Clare (1980)



Settler's Hut in Australia, from the London Illustrated News

Settler’s Hut in Australia, from the London Illustrated News

Mary Ryan

  South Australian orphans are not the easiest to find. But here’s an example of a Mary Ryan per Elgin found by her ancestor. You’d think with a name like that the task would be well nigh impossible.

Mary Ann Ryan and her husband William Haythorpe

Mary Ann Ryan and her husband William Haythorpe

Here’s a lovely photo of Mary with some of her large family


Harriet-Edith-Mary Ann-Charlotte-Williamsnr-Elizabeth-WilliamHenry

And here she is again, later in life.

fooldMary Ann (Ryan) Haythorpe

How on earth was she found, you might ask? Here is a clue.


Mary's death notice in an Adelaide newspaper

Mary’s death notice in an Adelaide newspaper

For more information on Mary see www.irishfaminememorial.org  The website database is the essential research tool for Earl Grey’s Irish Famine orphans in Australia.

Finally, you may remember the large photograph of Johanna Kelly that appeared in an earlier post. She also appeared in Barrie Dowdall and Siobhán Lynam’s television series http://www.convictwomenandorphangirls.com/Convict_Women/Home.html  [I’m reliably informed the series is being repeated on http://www.tg4.ie throughout May 2015, on Wednesdays, beginning 6th May,  at 21.30. The station keeps the programme on its website for more than a week or two afterwards].

Here she is as “Grannie Bushell” with five generations of her large family at a family wedding in 1907. She is seated at the front holding a child.



fo johanna kelly and family 1907

Until next time….

10 thoughts on “Earl Grey Irish Famine Orphans (14): Some pics Mary Ryan and Grannie Bushell

  1. Mary Ann Ryan is my great, great (I’m not sure how many greats) granny. I had no idea she was an orphan and sent to Australia in these circumstances, though I always wondered how a sixteen year old ended up on a ship to Australia. I can’t imagine how tough her life was.


      • My guess is Better Homes & Gardens! The poor chap could do with a few tips there! I’m a descendant of Eliza Sharkey per Diadem. I still have lots of research to do on her but I have sent you what I have. Chrissy


  2. How wonderful to see pictures of Mary Ryan and her descendants. My Great grandmother Margaret Hill was also on the Elgin to ADELAIDE IN 1849. She hailed from Tipperary and they must have known each other on the voyage over. Sadly I have no photos of her. Pauline Haldane.


  3. Good man Trevor and thanks for the mention! Our series is going out again on TG4 across the month of May on Wednesdays at 21.30 on 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th. I guess it will also be on the TG4 player to which is available worldwide! Barrie

    Sent from my iPhone



    • That’s good news Barrie. We just type tg4.ie into the browser and up comes the station and its programmes. I gave the series a mention on the “About” page at the top of the blog. But I don’t think many go there. Hope you are both in fine form. Give Aileen a big hug if you see her, please.


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