Earl Grey’s Irish Famine Orphans (18):blog contents (incomplete)

Blog Contents

This list will should make it easier to navigate the blog. Some of the bits and pieces, photographs, maps, graphs and family reconstitutions et al., are meant to illustrate what I’m saying in other posts. Clicking on the http:// link should take you directly to that post.
At the end of each post, after the ‘Comments’ there is a SEARCH BOX. Type in what you wish to search for and you will see if I’ve said anything about what you are looking for
  1. Origins of the Earl Grey Scheme http://wp.me/p4SlVj-3

  2. Organization of the scheme http://wp.me/p4SlVj-Z

  3. Organization of the scheme (continued) http://wp.me/p4SlVj-2p

  4. Who were the female orphans? http://wp.me/p4SlVj-3I

  5. Who were the female orphans? (cont.)http://wp.me/p4SlVj-4X

  6. Hiatus: Graphs and family reconstitutions http://wp.me/p4SlVj-6Z

  7. The Voyage  http://wp.me/p4SlVj-7z and http://wp.me/p4SlVj-8Cand  N.B. 7c http://wp.me/p4SlVj-7X

    1. Some Fotos and Family Reconstitutions http://wp.me/p4SlVj-cs 

  8. No Rose-Tinted spectacles http://wp.me/p4SlVj-dQ

  9. Some Pics (Oz online Libraries)http://wp.me/p4SlVj-fE

  10. Family Reconstitutions http://wp.me/p4SlVj-gbMaps (orphans in Victoria)http://wp.me/p4SlVj-gJ

  11. Government preparations again http://wp.me/p4SlVj-g4

  12. Some more Pics http://wp.me/p4SlVj-jt

  13. “Belfast Girls”http://wp.me/p4SlVj-k0

  14. Arrival and Early Days http://wp.me/p4SlVj-h8

  15. Orphans “Scattering” (maps and graphs and photos)http://wp.me/p4SlVj-nv

  16. Blog contents http://wp.me/p4SlVj-oE

  17.      Another Aside:orphan pics and stories http://wp.me/p4SlVj-p7

  18. British Parliamentary Papers: orphan emigration returns http://wp.me/p4SlVj-rc

  19. Why did the earl Grey scheme come to an end? http://wp.me/p4SlVj-q8

  20.                                Cancelled Indentures http://wp.me/p4SlVj-vf

  21.                  Orphans and their families in Australia http://wp.me/p4SlVj-yU

  22.                   Some more orphan family reconstitutions http://wp.me/p4SlVj-zv

  23.                                     Suey Taggart http://wp.me/p4SlVj-AB

  24.                        NSW Parliamentary Enquiry 1859 http://wp.me/p4SlVj-BT

  25.                 I’ve found an orphan (Jane Troyhttp://wp.me/p4SlVj-Di

  26.                      H.H. Browne and VPLA NSW 1859 Report http://wp.me/p4SlVj-D6

  27.                  Where to from here? http://wp.me/p4SlVj-Gf

  28.                           Implications http://wp.me/p4SlVj-I0

  29.                  Family reconstitutions http://wp.me/p4SlVj-Ji

  30.                Unfinished stories (1) Mary McConnell http://wp.me/p4SlVj-JQ

  31. Unfinished stories (2) Mary McConnell http://wp.me/p4SlVj-LL

  32.                      Another Aside; Register of applications for orphans http://wp.me/p4SlVj-OI

  33.       More snippets; notes from VPRS115 Superintendent in corresp. http://wp.me/p4SlVj-P4

  34.            Unfinished Stories (3); Bridget McMahon http://wp.me/p4SlVj-PV

  35.          Digital Maps? http://wp.me/p4SlVj-Sw
  36.                                     Useful websites and links http://wp.me/p4SlVj-TK
  37.           Irish Famine women : a challenge or three+ http://wp.me/p4SlVj-Ut
  38. Addendum (South Australia) http://wp.me/p4SlVj-V4
  39. Famine Rock 2016 http://wp.me/p4SlVj-XE

2 thoughts on “Earl Grey’s Irish Famine Orphans (18):blog contents (incomplete)

  1. Just got onto your site from Perry. With time will look at all your posts to see if anything directly related to me. Seems as if you like to get all that’s available so, do you know of the Watchorn Family manuscript at the State Library of Victoria? Part of it includes a description of the journey on the “New Liverpool”. It is based on the recollections of a protestant couple, one being a clergyman of sorts. Elsewhere there are accounts severely critical of the behaviour of the girls on board but this is not the case with this account which you may have expected considering the religious divide of the time. Cheers  From: trevo’s Irish famine orphans To: jmorrisxx2002@yahoo.com.au Sent: Friday, 29 May 2015, 13:58 Subject: [New post] Earl Grey’s Irish Famine Orphans (18) #yiv0184603938 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv0184603938 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv0184603938 a.yiv0184603938primaryactionlink:link, #yiv0184603938 a.yiv0184603938primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv0184603938 a.yiv0184603938primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv0184603938 a.yiv0184603938primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv0184603938 WordPress.com | Trevor McClaughlin posted: “Blog archivesI haven’t organised my Earl Grey’s Irish Famine Orphans blog in the best possible way. Let me list my posts by subject matter here, and  maybe later see if there is a better way to alert people to what the blog contains. Maybe change the ti” | |


    • Thanks James. Don’t know that Watchorn Family Manuscript. Is it in the Mss section of the Vic. State Library, the La Trobe Library? Hope you will find interesting stuff other than what is ‘directly related’ to you.


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