Earl Grey’s Irish Famine orphans (31):family reconstitutions-family histories 

Family reconstitutions-family histories

Just to complete my previous post, here are some more family reconstitutions for your perusal.

(See  http://wp.me/p4SlVj-zv for more information about this ‘revolutionary’ demographic technique. Scroll down the link to the “Introduction” of Professor Wrigley’s book).

Some Port Phillip arrivals; double click or ‘pinch’ to make larger


Bridget Fallon per Pemberton 1849


Sarah Hare per New Liverpool 1849



Ann(e) Marony per Eliza Caroline 1850



Ann Nelligan per Pemberton 1849


Eliza Nelligan per Pemberton 1849



Sarah O’Brien per Pemberton

Fanny Young per Tippoo Saib

Fanny Young per Tippoo Saib

Some who went to the Moreton Bay district



Bridget Dowd per Thomas Arbuthot 1850




Mary Fitzgibbon per Thomas Arbuthnot 1850



Bridget King per Panama 1850


Jane McGarry per Earl Grey 1848




Catherine Moriarty with husband Tom Elliott and other family members c. 1886. Thanks to Mike Vincent.


Catherine Moriarty per Thomas Arbuthnot 1850


Mary Anne Weatherall per Lady Peel 1849

2 thoughts on “Earl Grey’s Irish Famine orphans (31):family reconstitutions-family histories 

  1. Hi Trevor. I’m writing to introduce myself. My great-great grandmother was Frances “Fanny” Young, who came out from County Cavan on the Taipoo Saib. Feel free to let me know if you want any details about what happened to her. Regards, Rebecca

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    • Thankyou kindly Rebecca. I’ve just added something for Frances. You may have seen this already? best wishes. Maybe we can expand on her story a bit later. Did you notice my recent note at the end of blog number 24, answering a request for help in determining which workhouse an ancestor from Cavan may have come from. That one may have been in Granard workhouse in Longford, even tho she was born in Cavan. regards


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