Earl Grey’s Irish Famine Orphans (38):some useful websites and links


Whilst I make up my mind whether to continue with this, revise what I have with a view to publication in hard-copy, or just abandon it, I thought you might like to play with some of these web links. It’s only in the last fifteen years or so that the internet has become a useful research tool for most of us in Australia. One day we may have internet access as reliable as people in South Korea and Japan. (Tell him he’s dreamin’).

As I’m sure everyone is aware, what’s available on the web is still only a tiny fraction of what exists in archives.  For instance I don’t think all the Reports of Immigrant ships into Port Jackson are digitised yet. State Records New South Wales (SRNSW) has 4/2823 (Lady Peel); 4/2907 (John Knox); 4/2914A (Tippoo Saib). Am I right or am I right? The encouraging news is how many more records are becoming available minute by minute, day by day. What I find most impressive is how easily and how quickly we can communicate with one another. There’s a downside too but we’ll not worry about that just now.

I’ve put together a selection of links I hope you’ll explore. Most of them appear somewhere on my blog. One or two do not. They are in no particular order, except that two and three tell you about the ‘Gatherings’ in Sydney and Melbourne that celebrate the Earl Grey orphans each year. Most are both educational and informative. And lots are merely entry points for you to do your own research. Happy surfing! Hope you’re waving, not drowning.

















11 thoughts on “Earl Grey’s Irish Famine Orphans (38):some useful websites and links

  1. Trevor,Many thanks for your emails; I really enjoy reading them even though my GG grandmother arrived on the Thomas Arbuthnot in 1850 from the Clare workhouse.I do hope that you continue with the Irish Famine Orphans.Thanks & regards,             Sandra Clark 57 James Cook Drive,CASTLE HILL  NSW  2154


  2. Trevor, please do continue the blog. I for one have been finding it both interesting and useful. You are quite right there is so much still to be digitised which includes additional info eg Board Lists, disposal lists etc etc. With all the govt $ cuts I can’t see many of them be digitised in the near future unless the big genie sites fund it. The expansion of the Internet has made a massive difference giving us access to others round the world and blogs are a great platform for that. Trove is, for me, the single biggest leap forward. We could always visit archives (expense + travel) but the digitisation of the newspapers has made so much possible that we’d have had Buckley’s of finding before.


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