Earl Grey’s Irish Famine Orphans (41):Famine rock commemoration, Port Phillip family reconstitutions



In honour of the Famine orphans who arrived at Port Phillip, and the gathering at Burgoyne Reserve 3 pm 20 November 2016, let me present a few more of my family reconstitutions. It’s been a while since i looked at the demographic results. Maybe i should go back and have another look.  In the meantime, double click or pinch these to make them larger. I’ll try putting them in alphabetical order. I’ve added a couple for the occasion.

Ann Arbuckle per DerwentAnn Arbuckle per Derwent
Sarah Arbuckle per DerwentSarah Arbuckle per Derwent
Margaret Britt per Eliza Caroline Margaret Britt per Eliza Caroline
Rebecca Cambridge per DiademRebecca Cambridge per Diadem


focorbenewlivHelen Corbett  per New Liverpool

fodrumladykEliza Drum per Lady Kennaway
fodunbarpembEllen Dunbar per Pembertonfogalvinpemb

Margaret Galvin  per Pemberton fograydiadAnn Graydon per Diadem

foharrisdiadMarea Harrison per Diadem

folawnladykEllen Lawn per Lady Kennaway

folearyelizacJane Leary per Eliza Caroline

fomccartpembBridget McCarthy per Pemberton

fomulligadiadSarah Mulligan per Diadem


Eliza Nelligan per PembertonEliza Nelligan per Pemberton


foryanelizcMargaret Ryan per Eliza Caroline



fostaffladykJane Stafford per Lady Kennaway

fouptonpembEliza Upton per Pemberton

My very best wishes to everyone at the gathering next Sunday 20th November, Burgoyne Reserve, Williamstown. And a special thank you to Debra Vaughan and Val Noone. Go raibh maith agat.


Famine Rock Memorial

8 thoughts on “Earl Grey’s Irish Famine Orphans (41):Famine rock commemoration, Port Phillip family reconstitutions

  1. Hi Trevor, my 3x great grandmother was Margaret Britt who married Robert Parry. I’m keen to know how you came to have the info on her, and if you’re able to put me in contact with the person who provided it. I’m really enjoying all the info on the Irish orphans!

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    • Jac,
      I had tosearch for her, she’s one of three orphan Britts. She was in Barefoot vol1, one of the orphans I’d ‘found’ when I had access to Victorian BDM records when they were held in Queen Streetin the 1980s.There was always a questionmark over those I’d found. But one can usually cross check the info if one has access to those brilliant records. At various times when her children’s birth was being recorded she’s listed as being from Carrick on Suir, Tipperary, Waterford, all in close proximity to one another. So age, date of arrival, name, origin and cross checking BDM records would have been the basis of my thinking she was the orphan who married Robert Parry.


  2. Hi Trevor
    Just a few lines thought you may be interested my 2nd ggrandmother Rose Murphy came out on the Diadem . She married John Tow who was a pardoned convict they married in 1851 in Melbourne and had 5 children. She died in 1889 in Bendigo and is buried in White Hills cemetery, I was very moved by some of the stories of the orphans and what they had to endure hopefully they all had better lives in Australia.

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  3. Hi Trevor,
    Thanks for this email re the Irish Orphans on the Pemberton etc.
    I do have a query. I cannot understand the details that you have for my great-great grandmother. Firstly you have the ship she arrived on as the Diadem on the record yet you have her name listed as a passenger on the Pemberton.
    Must be reading it incorrectly!
    Cheryl Mullens
    Nee Culmer, nee Perkins, nee Winwood/Galvin.


    • Hi Cheryl,
      Not sure what the problem is. On the form above she is noted as having arrived by the Pemberton. She was residing at Darebin when she married. Am i missing something? Apologies for the faintness of the scan.
      I’ve tried sending you an improved copy via my Getupstandup email. Do get back to me if there is still a problem. best wishes


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