Earl Grey’s Irish Famine Orphans (59): Miss D. Meanors

trevo's Irish famine orphans


This is a brief codicil or supplement to an earlier post called “Skibbereen and Beyondhttps://wp.me/p4SlVj-1Aq

If you remember I’d asked a couple of questions,

had an orphan’s Famine experience damaged her, and made her especially vulnerable in Australia?

What were the circumstances and experiences in Australia that contributed to her difficulties, thrusting her into a life of petty crime, or alcoholism, or to the doors of a Benevolent Asylum or Mental Hospital?

In that particular post i suggested some things we could examine, for example,

  • the vulnerability of a lonely female immigrant who lacked a support network from ‘home’
  • sexual and domestic abuse
  • criminal misdemeanours
  • alcoholism
  • mental illness, and other maladies
  • poverty and hardship
  • desertion, illness and death of her husband

and said a few words about those who suffered sexual and domestic abuse, sought refuge in a Benevolent Asylum especially in old age, or became…

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2 thoughts on “Earl Grey’s Irish Famine Orphans (59): Miss D. Meanors

  1. Hi Trev, I have evidence of the hardships endured by my gg grandmother, Elizabeth (Eliza) Walsh. She came from Ferbane, Co Offaly, and I have yet to determine which workhouse she came from. She married my gg grandfather, John Howarth, who was a member of the 11th Foot Regimeent and stationed in Sydney at the time of Eliza’s arrival on the Tippoo Saib in 1850. They married in 1851 and they had 7 children before he deserted her and moved to Queensland with some of the children. From that time Eliza became reliant on drink and took to the streets. I have copies of her gaol records which I can supply if you are interested. She died in 1896 and is buried in the ‘destitute’ section in Rookwood Cemetery.
    Rosalie Busch (nee Howarth)


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