Earl Grey’s Irish Famine Orphans (21):why did the Earl Grey scheme come to an end?

This is a long one. I’m still grappling with some of the issues.

trevo's Irish famine orphans

Why did the Earl Grey scheme come to an end?

As perthe ‘About’ page of thisblog, you’re not forced to accept anything I say. Please, feel free to let me know your take on why the Earl Grey scheme came to an end. History has always been about discussion and debate.

“‘Uncertainty in meaning is incipient poetry‘-who said that?” (Brian Friel, Translations)

One of the problems we face is that the most accessiblesources that have survived–government enquiries, parliamentary papers, newspaper articles and the like–were written from the vantage point of the upper and middle-class establishment. It would be a shame to let that decide for us what is important and accept what they say at face value. It would give us a one-sided history. But sometimes, as in this case, they are very important. I just hope we don’t lose sight of the young women…

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2 thoughts on “Earl Grey’s Irish Famine Orphans (21):why did the Earl Grey scheme come to an end?

  1. Trevor

    What with the Lockdown – Level Three in New Zealand – some avenues are closed to me. Then I thought, I should ask Trevo.

    I’ve written a satire, about 22,000 words plus it would have cartoons every three or so pages. I did draft one three years ago, and have been checking and tweaking while I’m shut in.

    Are you a Literary Agent or Editor as a sideline? Now is a good time to take up a second or third paying career.

    If you would at least read the critter and comment savagely, so I can deal to any faults I am wool-blind re, I could then try to interest an agent in representing me.

    Email me at migseder@gmail.com ?

    And if famine orphan descendants happen to be Agents, Edtors, People Desperate To Set Up Their Own Publishing House, they are welcome to talk to me

    Many thanks

    Migs (Margaret) Eder in Chch NZ.

    Descendant of Winifred Callaghan, ship Maria


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