Earl Grey’s Irish Famine Orphans(56): Contents of the Blog

An index to the first 56 of my blog posts

trevo's Irish famine orphans


This list should make it easier to navigate the blog. Some of the bits and pieces, photographs, maps, graphs and family reconstitutions et al., are meant to illustrate what I’m saying in other posts.
Clicking on the http:// link should take you directly to that post. At the end of each post, after the ‘Comments’ there is a Search box. Type in what you wish to search for and you will see if I’ve said anything about what you are looking for

Origins of the Earl Grey Schemehttp://wp.me/p4SlVj

ORGANIZATION of the schemehttp://wp.me/p4SlVj
Organization of the scheme (continued)http://wp.me/p4SlVj-2p
WHO WERE THE FEMALE ORPHANS? (cont.) http://wp.me/p4SlVj-4X
Hiatus: Graphs and family reconstitutionshttp://wp.me/p4SlVj-6Z
THE VOYAGEhttp://wp.me/p4SlVj-7z and
Voyage cont.http://wp.me/p4SlVj-8C

VOYAGE N.B. http://wp.me/p4SlVj-7X

Fotos and Family Reconstitutions http://wp.me/p4SlVj-cs
NO ROSE TINTED SPECTACLES; some sad stories http://wp.me/p4SlVj-d
Some Pics (Oz onlineLibraries)

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One thought on “Earl Grey’s Irish Famine Orphans(56): Contents of the Blog

  1. My G-G- grandmothers may have been Famine Orphand. Eliza (beth ) Henry , born Castle Dawson c 1835, parents William Henry and Jane Gilmore, and Margaret Fitzgerald, born c 1835, (states born in London) to Catherine Donovan and James Fitzgerald. Would like to know more.


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