Earl Grey’s Irish Famine Orphans (56a): Contents of the blog cont.

A reminder that the 20th anniversary of the opening of the Irish Famine Monument at Hyde Park Barracks will be held on the 25th August 2019.

For more details see http://www.irishfaminememorial.org

Allow me to update the contents of my blog. By clicking on the url you will be taken to the post. The titles are not that informative. But note the Search Box at the end of the post that should take you to wherever you want to go. Goodness me. Try typing ‘Hyde Park Barracks Monument’ or ‘Irish sources’ or the name of a particular orphan. Good luck.

57. Another Orphan history…herstory, Winifred Tiernan https://wp.me/p4SlVj-1Yf

58. A few more little breaths https://wp.me/p4SlVj-21J

59. Miss D. Meanors https://wp.me/p4SlVj-24L

60. More Court Cases https://wp.me/p4SlVj-25B

61. Some more orphan stories https://wp.me/p4SlVj-22I

62. Stories, revisions and research tips (including info on literacy) https://wp.me/p4SlVj-26j

63. A couple of questions https://wp.me/p4SlVj-296

64. Some Irish Sources https://wp.me/p4SlVj-273

65. Lucia’s Podcast (1) https://wp.me/p4SlVj-2cy

66. More Irish Sources https://wp.me/p4SlVj-2bS

67. An aside, mostly on young Irish women in South Australia in the mid 1850s https://wp.me/p4SlVj-2e1

68. Lucia’s Podcast (2) https://wp.me/p4SlVj-2fp

69. Some bibs and bobs, and Irish roots https://wp.me/p4SlVj-2af

3 thoughts on “Earl Grey’s Irish Famine Orphans (56a): Contents of the blog cont.

  1. Hi Great website!
    I stumbled upon it tonight. My ancestor that was an orphan is Mary Lawless from Lismore, Waterford, Ireland. I can see that on her immigration record on the Eliza Caroline she was not in service. She was 15 and her father (as her death certificate states) was Andrew Lawless. She married Benjamin Leech 1852 and died 1906 in Melbourne, Victoria. If she was not in service how do you think she got from Ireland to Plymouth, England? I’ve never researched in Ireland or England as I’m in Australia.
    I think I’ve found her baptism record seems she had siblings: Nicholas, Margaret, and Andrew and if these baptism records are correct her mother is Mary Roach and she was baptised as Eleanor. I cannot find any immigration records for these 3 individuals. Mary was the oldest (born 1835) then Andrew (1839), Nicholas (1840) and Margaret (1843) all in Lismore, Waterford, Ireland. Could it be possible that these 3 stayed in Ireland and if so where do you suggest I start to look?


    • Hello Stephanie,
      The Earl Grey scheme brought young women from Irish workhouses to Oz. Mary would have been an inmate
      of probably Waterford workhouse before joining the Eliza Caroline at Portsmouth. See Peter
      Higginbotham’s great website which will tell you what records have survived.

      My Barefoot2 p.389, has her first employed by Roland Hill of W. Creek, and as having 10 children two of whom died in infancy.
      Some of that info came from WEndy Fensom, 152 Beach Rd, PARKDALE 3195 but 20 years ago



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