Earl Grey Irish Famine Orphans (14): Some pics Mary Ryan and Grannie Bushell

Some more pics

Just a few more photographs to keep this thing bubbling along. As before, my thanks go to the descendants of the orphans who sent me their photographs to use.

Let me begin with a couple I’ll call ‘From here to there’. The first one I took in 1980; it’s not from the middle of the 19th century, I should add!

Derelict farmhouse East Clare (1980)

Derelict farmhouse East Clare (1980)



Settler's Hut in Australia, from the London Illustrated News

Settler’s Hut in Australia, from the London Illustrated News

Mary Ryan

  South Australian orphans are not the easiest to find. But here’s an example of a Mary Ryan per Elgin found by her ancestor. You’d think with a name like that the task would be well nigh impossible.

Mary Ann Ryan and her husband William Haythorpe

Mary Ann Ryan and her husband William Haythorpe

Here’s a lovely photo of Mary with some of her large family


Harriet-Edith-Mary Ann-Charlotte-Williamsnr-Elizabeth-WilliamHenry

And here she is again, later in life.

fooldMary Ann (Ryan) Haythorpe

How on earth was she found, you might ask? Here is a clue.


Mary's death notice in an Adelaide newspaper

Mary’s death notice in an Adelaide newspaper

For more information on Mary see www.irishfaminememorial.org  The website database is the essential research tool for Earl Grey’s Irish Famine orphans in Australia.

Finally, you may remember the large photograph of Johanna Kelly that appeared in an earlier post. She also appeared in Barrie Dowdall and Siobhán Lynam’s television series http://www.convictwomenandorphangirls.com/Convict_Women/Home.html  [I’m reliably informed the series is being repeated on http://www.tg4.ie throughout May 2015, on Wednesdays, beginning 6th May,  at 21.30. The station keeps the programme on its website for more than a week or two afterwards].

Here she is as “Grannie Bushell” with five generations of her large family at a family wedding in 1907. She is seated at the front holding a child.



fo johanna kelly and family 1907

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Earl Grey’s Irish Famine Orphans (8): Photos and forms, some well-known descendants


Just an attempt to improve my use of WordPress.  Hope these are of interest whilst I begin work on my next substantive post, called “ARRIVING”.  As always, my thanks to descendants of the orphans who sent me photographs to use.


I’m having a little trouble aligning these pics. Once I enter a caption they take on a life of their own. I’ll try adding some more  a little later.

In the meanwhile, let me put up a family reconstitution or two. Hope you can read these and they don’t give you eyestrain.

First an Earl Grey orphan, Violet Primrose Lackie, who went to Brisbane. Those who went to present-day Queensland tended to live longer than the others.


Gosh, you should see the mess on the page I’m working on but it seems to work okay on the post you will see.


You might like to find out a bit more about the orphans mentioned in this post. You can do so at www.irishfaminememorial.org

Now for another family reconstitution, that of Sarah McMullen and her husband, Daniel Burdett. I wonder if it is possible to work back from the present using this sort of thing. I imagine it would be a massive project, unless of course one used only a direct line of descent. But that would defeat the purpose; it would lose valuable demography. She is another Earl Grey orphan. She remained in Sydney.


The Earl Grey Famine orphans tended to have large families, as long as their health was good and they survived the child-bearing years. My impression is that their families were larger than other Irish female immigrants, in the same age range, arriving in Australia in the 1850s. But that would need a lot more research before being confirmed.

Here’s a few more pics giving us a ‘long’ view.


Johanna Kelly from Kilkenny per Panama; five generations in Australia. Photo taken c. 1917.

foellenmccluskey wmmaryc1910

(As you can see I’m far from mastering WordPress).

In recent times, a number of conservative politicians, and at least one illustrious journalist, have discovered an Earl Grey orphan in their family tree. Make of that what you will. Who comes to mind? The late former Senator Steve Hutchins of the Australian Labor party; Senator Barnaby Joyce of the National Party, former Leader of the National Party in the Federal Parliament; Mike Baird, erstwhile Leader of the Liberal Party and Premier of New South Wales. His sister Julia Baird, is an illustrious historian, author, journalist and broadcaster who regularly does an excellent job ‘chairing’ an ABC programme, “The Drum”. I’ll invite you to put your own ‘spin’ on that.

Here is a pic reputedly of Eliza Mahon of Carlow per Lady Peel, the orphan ancestor of Mike and Julia Baird.

blogfoelizamahonlapeel (2)

Let me finish with another kind of ‘success’ story. This young orphan, Letitia Connelly from Enniskillen, married William Hayes, a storekeeper and astute businessman. The family became wealthy on the dividends from the Goldsborough Mining Company in Victoria. His estate was valued at £7,487 in 1890. To the best of my knowledge,  the family has yet to identify their descent from an Irish Famine orphan.


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Earl Grey’s Irish Famine Orphans 7 (b): Interlude–photos and family forms



Here’s a few things that may be of interest. I intend posting something on the Voyage of the orphans shortly, maybe in a few weeks. In the meantime, here’s a couple of photos I took and used when Jennifer Bainbridge and I put together the first version of the www.irishfaminememorial.org website


Steele Rudd’s cottage in Nobby, Queensland

I took this one in the 1990s and later used it on the website. Steele Rudd, aka Arthur Hoey Davis, is the author of the iconic Dad ‘n Dave stories. His real life mum was Mary Green, an Irish Famine orphan from Tuam in Galway.  She was to raise thirteen (13) children in that slab hut.

The next one I took in 2007. It is of a glass panel engraved with some of the orphans’ names, part of the Monument to the Great Irish Famine in Hyde Park Barracks, Sydney. The Monument is a beautiful piece of public art by Hossein and Angela Valamanesh that warrants close study for it to be fully understood and appreciated. It became a reality between 1996 and 1999 because of the Australian Great Irish Famine Commemoration Committee under the chairmanship of Tom Power.


Now for a couple more family reconstitutions. The first is of Mary Barrow, one of two sisters from Mallow, County Cork. She is well known to her descendants. The second is of Ellen Parks  from Belfast whose story is a classic one of ‘rags to riches’.



Just a couple of photos of the orphans taken later in their life. My thanks to their descendants who sent me the pics to use.

The small one is of Honor Rafferty from Roscommon per Digby; the large one is of Johanna Kelly from Kilkenny, per Panama.

Honor Rafferty per Digby
Johanna Kelly per Panama